Att. Elif UZUN, LL.M.

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She was born in 1978 at Bielefeld, Germany. She graduated from Bielefeld Gymnasium am Waldhof Abitur in 1997. She started to study at Westfaelische Wilhelms Üniversitesi Faculty of Law in 1999. She completed the 1st State Law Exam in Münster NRW state in 2008. After her attorney internship in Münster in 2012, she passed the 2nd State Law Exam successfully in Düsseldorf. She worked as a corporate attorney and consultant in Düsseldorf Hilden between 2012-2015. She completed her equivalency and LLM at Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2016. Moreover, she completed her master’s degree in Turkish-German Commercial Law at Köln University and Bilgi University. She received her Attorney License in 2018 from Istanbul Bar after completion of her internship. She is a sworn translator of Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen state Justice Commission both in Turkish and German.


Att. Elif Uzun is a German attorney whose background is Turkish. Her native languages are Turkish and German, and she speaks an intermediate level of English. She a registered lawyer of Hamm Bar and Istanbul Bar. She is appointed as a sworn translator in Turkish and German by Germany Higher Regional Court of Hamm.


Data Protection Law Demir&Partners Law Firm provides legal services on Data Protection law that is a new area of law in our country by taking Data Protection Code numbered 6698 and Regulations based on this Code, especially on the following matters;

  • Legalising the acts and business of real or private data controllers,
  • Creating and managing an orientation period for data protection legitimacy,
  • Providing education and necessary information and
  • Giving seminars and presentations in this scope,
  • Obtaining issued personal data handling inventory,
  • Regulating necessary principles occurring from the law,
  • Adjusting contracts and agreements as per the framework obligations of the Law,
  • Following and briefing the decisions of Personal Data Protection Authority and recent developments,
  • Carrying out and following administrative, civil and criminal applications for personal data providers and/or data controllers, and the related litigation process,
  • Following civil and criminal procedures of clients investigated by administrative authorities.