Att. Taner DEMİR

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Attorney Demir graduated from Ankara Adalet Occupational High School in 1991. He graduated from law school at Ankara University in 1995 and in that same year, he started his judicial justice arbitrator candidacy. He left his candidacy for being a judge after realizing he wanted to pursue a career as an attorney and in 2002 founded Demir & Partners. Attorney Demir is also a brand and patent representative as well as mediator and has a perfect command of German and English.


He is associated with the German-Turkish Commercial Chamber, International Brand Association (INTA), Foreign Economic Relations Counsel, and the Swiss and Austrian Work Council.


Attorney Demir primarily practices in the following fields:

•​Mergers and acquisitions, contract preparation for transfer of shares, company type re-registration, preparing deeds of partnership, organizing foreign investments in Turkey, preparing common entrepreneurial contracts


•​Preparing contracts for Turkish and foreign companies in compliance with international law, providing counsel regarding foreign capital investments to be made locally or abroad, taxes, corporate law and legislations and preparing the necessary infrastructure, distributorship, franchising and preparing similar contracts


•​Settlements arising from the loss or damage of commodities transported by international or local forwarders via road, sea, airway, or railway, particularly dealing with dispute settlement between the insurer and the insured in regard to legal compliance for carriers of international road transport as specified by the insurance policies with certain conditions and limits, determining whether the insuring company gained right to obtain premiums and collections,


•​In regard to the protection of Intellectual Property Rights of Companies and Individuals and as part of the scope for applying penal and legal ways, dealing with cases relating to TPE decisions and brand inoperativeness, determining whether brand rights were violated or not, to avoid such occurrences, to make up for them, dealing with financial or spiritual indemnity cases, to seize commodities which are the subject of violation at the customs or other places, to carry out penal cases relating to violation of brand rights, complaints of jurisdiction, taking decisions to make investigations, confiscation of imitation commodities, protecting commercial title, cases for cancellations, especially protecting the rights of those who create works as regards to Intellectual and Artistic Works Law and to cover for the violations and to avoid them and follow up the penal cases and requests for indemnification relating to violations for financial and spiritual.