Family Law

We offer legal services and advice our Turkish and foreign clients in negotiation processes of family law disputes. Within this framework, we represent our clients in court and try to bring their claims to success. For this purpose, we carry out settlement processes between the parties and provide legal services and legal advice within the framework of the provisions of the Civil Code, international treaties and laws as well as the protection of private life.


Some of the services in the area of family law we offer, among others, are as follows:


  • Mediation of pre-marital property contracts
  • Carrying out negotiation procedures and preparing of contracts for uncontested divorces
  • Representing our clients in divorce cases
  • Carrying out legal proceedings on material and immaterial claims for compensation from the divorce
  • Implementation of asset liquidation after divorce
  • Implementation of the legal process in parentage cases and determination of paternity suits
  • Resolving custody and alimony cases
  • Obtaining preliminary injunction based on various situations
  • Management of legal processes in adoptions