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We, as Demir&Partners , are one of the leading law firms in Turkey in the field of intellectual property in the areas of trademark law, design law, utility model law and copyright law. Client portfolio of our Intellectual Property Department includes national and international well-known brands. However, since Intellectual Property Department is mostly assisting to international clients, Demir & Partners is known as an internationally oriented. Our team consist of competent, dynamic, innovative and well-equipped members.


As one of the leading Intellectual Property Department, we provide all kinds of IP services including anti-counterfeiting, prosecution and litigation for the trademark, design, utility model and copyright of the companies.




We protect our client’s trademark through proceeding anti-counterfeit activities at throughout Turkey.  In coordination with the trademark and patent attorneys and, if necessary, the trademark investigators, we offer legal support in all types of legal and criminal matters. Hereby, we focus on the working models of our clients and can thus meet the different requirements.


We closely follow the current developments in Customs Regulations and help our clients to protect their trademark rights before Customs Authorities effectively. We are working with the all customs authorities in Turkey and we provide the interception of the counterfeit goods at the customs authorities.


We are carrying out anti-counterfeit process including but not limited to below mentioned transactions:


  • Determination regarding anti-counterfeit actions by the assistant of Notaries,
  • Filling complaint on behalf of client and obtaining the search warrant,
  • Performing the raids to the suspects’ address,
  • Drafting the all petitions regarding to investigation file,
  • Carrying out trail process and attending to hearings,
  • Executing the destruction of the seized goods,
  • Applying to the Customs regarding protection of the trademarks,
  • Monitoring the customs interceptions.


Application And Follow Up


We give services regarding the registration, objections and contra statements in relation to all trademark and other IP law matters, as well as the preparation and submission of license agreements before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (“TPTO”), WIPO and EUIPO.We also provide to our clients with all current information, new regulations regarding IP matters.Our experienced lawyers and trademark attorneys in this field, carry out all the necessary steps to solve out the legal disputes and enforcement proceedings, if necessary in court.


In this context, we take particular care of:


  • Examining the suitability of trademarks for registration,
  • First application and renewal of trademarks
  • Objection of requests from third parties,
  • Opposition proceedings against trademark applications,
  • Plea against objections by third parties,
  • Preparation and registration of license agreements


Follow-Up Of Litigation


We consult our clients on potential disputes and provide legal assistance in criminal and civil matters. We initiate and follow the legal procedures related to anti-counterfeiting, customs interventions and transactions before the TPTO. We may initiate the following legal remedies, including but not limited to the following;


  • Compensation,
  • Ensuring that the products are kept at the customs by taking an preliminary injunction  decision from the Court
  • Prevention or suppression of possible violations,
  • Seizure of infringing products
  • Preparation and submission of all kinds of applications
  • Follow-up of court proceedings, participation in negotiations,
  • Appeal against decisions
  • Enforcement of the court decision