Energy Law

Demir ve Ortakları Law Firm, Companies Operating in the Energy Sector, Energy Suppliers, Companies dealing with Energy Marketing and Distribution business, Companies that have the right to manufacture and use related to Pipeline, Financing consultancy, institution approvels, project consultancy, executions of projects to companies working on geothermal Resources, national and international subsidiaries considering investing in energy law, provides litigation and colsultancy services on legal regulation on energy law.


Some of the topics we provide for lawsuit and consultancy services related to Energy Law:


  • Any transactions related to the Energy Market for the license, permit and warrant
  • Performing any procedures related to EPDK
  • Advocacy sevice in colsultancy and investment disputes related to energy contracts
  • Establishment of energy companies, preparation of due diligence reports of these companies, share transfers
  • Legal advice and attorney services in expropriation, privatization, merger and acquisition processes
  • Receiving the ÇED report and following the cases filed against the ÇED reports
  • Legal advice on regulations in energy law
  • Electricity Generation, Distribution and Sales/Electricity Market
  • Construction Contracts in the Enegy Sector
  • Arrangement of electrical connection conrtract and transport agreements
  • Preparation of turbine and installation agreements
  • Preparation of reinsurance contracts
  • Preparation of distrubutor dealer main contracts
  • Preparation of EPC ve PPA contracts
  • Preparation of Emmision reduction purchase agreement (ERPA)
  • Losing leakage price of electrical energy consumers, meter reading, retail service execution of legal services for the return of the price paid to electricity distrubition companies under the price of the system usage


Cansellation of issued fine by EPDK and administrative authorities and we provide legal service in accordance with the needs of the industry.