Energy Law

Our law firm Demir & Partners provides litigation and consultancy services related to financing, governmental authorization, project advisory, conducting the projects, and compliance of energy regulations to companies operating in the energy sector, to energy suppliers, companies that related to marketing and distributing energy, to companies which are entitled to build and use pipelines, and companies that operating in the field of geothermal energy sources, to national and international entities and official authorities that intend to invest in energy law.


Some areas of energy law where our law firm provides litigation and advisory services:


  • Any procedure regarding licenses, permissions and approvals in the energy market
  • All kinds of proceedings concerning the regulatory agency of the energy market
  • Legal advice for the financing of energy projects
  • Advice on energy contracts and legal support in investment disputes
  • Establishing energy companies, preparation of due diligence on these companies, transfer of shares
  • Legal advice and advocacy on expropriation, privatization, merger and acquisition procedures
  • Receipt of the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) report and follow-up of the complaints in relation to the EIA report
  • Legal advice regarding energy law regulations
  • Electricity generation, distribution and sale / electricity sector
  • Construction contracts in the energy sector
  • Creation of electrical connection and transmission agreements
  • Preparation of turbine and installation agreements
  • Preparation of license agreements
  • Preparation of main contracts regarding supplier branch contracts
  • EPC ve PPA sözleşmelerinin hazırlanması
  • Emission reduction purchase agreement (ERPA)
  • Preparation of EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contracts
  • Emission reduction purchase agreement (ERPA)
  • Legal services for the reimbursement of the leakage amount, meter reading, costs for retail services and system usage costs that the electricity consumers paid to the electricity companies.
  • Abolition of fines issued by the regulatory agency for the energy market and administrative agency

We also provide legal services in line with the needs of the industry.