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The subject of administrative law are administrative sanctions for natural and legal persons resulting from the actions of public administration. These powers of public administration result from the constitution as well as from the statutory provisions.


As Demir&Partners Law Firm, we provide legal counseling and advocacy services to our clients in disputes related to the consequences arising from the transactions of public administrations.


In the field of Tax Law, which is a special discipline of Administrative Law, we also provide legal counselling and advocacy services to our clients regarding the transactions of other public administrations, especially tax offices, regarding Tax Law.


Our services in the fields of Administrative and Tax Law are mainly concentrated in the following areas:


  • Cancellation of sanctions made by tax offices and administrative fines imposed,
  • Additional accruals imposed by customs administrations, cancellation of additional sanctions, administrative fines and decisions forfeiture of property to the public
  • Follow-up of the transactions carried out before the administration,
  • Cancellation of decisions taken by municipalities.